Our certified instructors bring together years of experience teaching children in the Washington D.C. school system.

Janis Linden

Janis Linden is Director of Write Beginnings which she founded in 2010.
A veteran teacher who has 30+years in the Washington, DC education system, Ms. Linden is a certified Handwriting Specialist whose specialty is working with children with sensory issues, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and slow learners.

Ann Conway

Ann Conway is a teacher with 25+ years for the District of Columbia Public School system where she currently teaches Kindergarten. In addition, she serves as the Director of the highly acclaimed Extended Day Program which is based in Northwest Washington, DC. Ms. Conway is a certified Handwriting Specialist who has been successful in working with children diagnosed with dysgraphia (a deficiency in the ability to write, primarily handwriting but also coherence).

Ivy Caldito

Ivy Caldito is a retired elementary school teacher with over 40 years of experience teaching grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Ms. Caldito is a certified Handwriting Specialist who has worked with children having attention deficit disorder.